Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beauty Sleep, Inside and Out

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However much energy you believe yourself to have mentally, sleep is essential for everyone. Sleep can affect your physical health in the long run, as well as your mental well-being. Whether you have work to do, journeys to make, or even if you just have a lunch-date planned, being properly rested hugely impacts your life on a daily basis and how you deal with what is thrown at you. Beauty sleep affects both your internal and external beauty.   

Getting a proper night of sleep is proven to increase your levels of energy and concentration, and also positively affects your immune system, your appetite, your humor, and your relationships. If you feel things are out of control recently and you feel at a loss trying to organize everything, start by getting one thing right which is a good night’s sleep.

Sleep not only affects how you feel but also how you look. In regards to the physical effects of getting a good night’s sleep, Geoff Wright, who is the director of The Hair and Beauty Partnership in London, says that 'there are set times when our body clock dictates that various processes take place in hair and skin. These times and processes are as follows: From 8pm to 11pm is the time for hydration and stimulation, while 11pm to 3am is the time for nutrition and regeneration, and 3am to 5am is the time for resting.'

So there you have it. It can be concluded that if you are planning a vacation it is essential that you book somewhere where you can rest easy and wake up fresh and ready for whatever the day has in store for you. Travelling is exhausting as it it. You have to pack, organise transport, carry luggage, and in the mean-time watch you back to make sure no one is carrying away one of your bags when you’re not looking! All in all it is essential you are waking up wherever you stay with fresh eyes.

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